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08:20 PM VISPA Web Feature #2285 (New): Kerberos for Workspace Authentication
Please add authentication for workspaces via Kerberos. E.g. for lxplus this would allow for seamless login and AFS au...


02:01 PM VISPA Web Feature #1928 (Closed): CodeEditor: Allow for resizing of editor, terminal, plot sections
It would be great if it was possible to move the borders between the editor, terminal output, and plot preview sectio...
10:57 AM VISPA Web Bug #1925 (Closed): No feedback to user on what is going on between login and time when workspace...
Maybe this is a feature, I perceive it as a bug, though.
When I login to the VISPA server (as guest or as register...


05:17 PM VISPA Web Feature #1843 (Closed): After login the workspace should automatically open (if there is only one...
What already works:
- Workspace connects automatically
- If I click on workspace, Filebrowser opens automatically...


11:54 AM PXL Bug #1390 (Closed): PXL won't install if built outside of source folder
On Scientific Linux 5:
If I run cmake and compile pxl not from the standard source directory, e.g. [source folder]/b...


10:50 AM PXL Bug #397 (Feedback): Relative path handling
Gero, need to discuss exactly what is meant and how to implement this.


03:33 PM PXL Revision 52c3b40c (pxl): updates doxygen files
03:07 PM VISPA Qt vispa_root-0.6.0.dmg


11:25 PM VISPA Qt vispa-0.6.0.dmg


03:10 PM PXL LHE Input Module Wiki edit: Wiki (#1)

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