Daniel van Asseldonk



Reported issues: 137


05:37 PM VISPA Web Revision 2413:1434495e5e93 (vispa): Remove option wheel in table view


03:24 PM VISPA Web Bug #2280 (Closed): focus
Sometimes this error occurs:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'focus' of undefined, term.js?bust=14463875386...
02:51 PM VISPA Web Bug #2279 (Closed): special characters in terminal
can not insert special characters in terminal like [ or {
02:38 PM VISPA Web Bug #2278 (Closed): upload of folder
Upload of folders via drag and drop fails:
- progress bar runs to 100% and stays there
- progress bar does not disa...
01:22 PM VISPA Web Revision 2407:23df8e02ce17 (vispa): Clean up selector
12:14 PM VISPA Web Bug #2277 (Closed): Logout
Logout not working on server / test-server.


09:03 PM VISPA Web Revision 2406:51ea06c8475d (vispa): Add alternative for endsWith() in pathbar


05:40 PM VISPA Web Revision 2405:90686a3dc520 (vispa): Hack to remove property wheel from each folder/file in symbol...
05:30 PM VISPA Web Revision 2404:88146c8e76b5 (vispa): Improve readability of less file for symbol view
04:59 PM VISPA Web Revision 2403:d8ba92735499 (vispa): Backout #2394

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