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Reported issues: 63


03:10 PM VISPA Web Feature #1310 (Closed): Show shortcuts
Show defined shortcuts (probably) as a table in the preferences dialog.
03:09 PM VISPA Web Feature #1309 (Closed): Possibility to disconnect workspaces
add a button that allows the user to disconnect from a workspace
03:08 PM VISPA Web Feature #1308 (Closed): Add possibility to load environment variables in rpc mechanism
VISPA should allow the user to setup their workspace at startup with ".bashrc", ".profile", or user-defined (python) ...


03:08 PM VISPA Web Bug #1305 (Closed): New user cannot register
If a new user tries to register to VISPA@Web, the registration succeeds, but the first login (i.e. the automatic logi...
02:57 PM VISPA Web Bug #1304 (Closed): vispa gui not working if preferences misconfigured (if one uses quotation mar...
if one sets e.g. the workspace preference "command" to "xx" with quotation marks, the vispa gui doesn't startup anymo...


10:41 AM VISPA Web Bug #1299 (Closed): support for condor in jobdashboard
currently, only jobs from 'local' are supported.
10:31 AM VISPA Web Bug #1298 (Closed): user don't get any feedback that login failed
POST http://localhost:4283/ajax/login
{"msg": "Unknown user", "success": false}
user don't get any feedback ...


11:45 AM VISPA Web Bug #1288: Three framework missing
still missing (after including the three framework):


06:35 PM VISPA Web Bug #1289 (Closed): Dirpath cannot be closed
If Dirpath is opened (tab), it cannot be closed anymore unless one selects a path OR clicks anywhere on the pathbar ....
04:40 PM VISPA Web Bug #1288 (Closed): Three framework missing
Console throws error

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