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  • The forge Software Server will be shutdown permanently on 19th of June 2019.
  • All Projects have been migrated to the RWTH GitLab but remain read-only accessible.

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Software Server des III. Physikalischen Instituts A
Prof. Dr. Martin Erdmann

Latest projects

  • VISPA-Proceedings (08/22/2017 08:47 PM)

    Collection of Proceedings for VISPA

  • VISPA TensorBoard Extension (02/10/2017 12:05 PM)
  • VISPA Homework Extension (08/24/2016 02:30 PM)

    An extension to the VISPA platform helping students to submit their homeworks.

  • DRS4-RWTH (09/28/2015 02:33 PM)

    DRS4 Evaluation Boards V.5

    Customised Firmware for Air Shower Detector and IceACT Telescope @RWTH Aachen

    Air Shower Detector

    Lab experiment designed for students learning about ultra high energy cosmic showers.
    8 portable liquid scintillator detectors are measuring the muon footprint of the showers. ...

  • VISPA AWM Extension (08/27/2015 04:25 PM)